JimmyT Discovers What He is Made For:
Destiny Scroll has been written for the 12+ age group.

This book is intended to encourage the values of success and human relationship strengths we all need and value.

The scroll opens up, questions we can all learn from yet be challenged just enough to use to find hope and discover treasure in the world we live in.
ebook formats : ipad, iphone, Kindle, PC or Android readers

JimmyT has been a central character in creating the sports ball stories. His book titled " JimmyT Discovers what he is made for" is a short story all about the journey of a golf ball waking up inside a golf bag. He is on his way to the golf course, with the master golfer. The story is about JimmyT and his adventure learning about golf, being lost and found and the different animals he meets on the golf course.
ebook formats : ipad, iphone, Kindle, PC or Android readers
ebook formats : ipad, iphone, Kindle, PC or Android readers
Sports Ball World Summit

The story begins with a crisis amongst all the sports balls throughout the world, the crisis is affecting every ball and every human who plays sports. JimmyT and King Ping decide to gather the sports balls from every kind of sports ball game and hold a world summit to help fix the crisis. This story is able to introduce and demonstrate the characters of each ball and their game represented, its a story of challenge and excitment, a story to inspire and reveal new perspectives about sports ball thinking.
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