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Sporties were created as a venture into the world of sports ball thoughts, If sports balls could talk what would they say? I had been thinking of these ideas since early 2000, after returning from a number of countries where I had been speaking at charitable events. I had visited a number of orphanages and was so encouraged by the children, whom played with the strangest of toy's, such as a tin on a string or some kind of made up device that rolled along the ground, created from rubbish. There were no toys like the ones, my own children had back in Australia. During these visits I felt that if only I could face my fears and challenge myself to write some children's books. Perhaps I could use these books to raise funds for these orphanages or give them away to help these kids.

I had to face my fear of failure, because I had Dyslexia as a child and even though was over it concerning my reading, it still held some kind of fear against me, basically because, it was something I had never done before.

So I thrust myself into the task and began to create my first story about a golf ball I named JimmyT. From then on I kept going until I had created 11 stories in all. Please check out my characters and their profiles.

JimmyT has been a central character in creating sports ball stories. His book called " JimmyT Discovers what he is made for"
is a short story all about the journey of a golf ball waking up inside a golf bag, who is on his way to the golf course with the master golfer, The story is about JimmyT and his adventure learning about golf, being lost and found with the master golfer.
Sir Bounce Alot

He is the biggest round ball in sports and loves to bounce, his passion for bouncing is bigger than an Australian kangaroo.
In his book Bouncing Around The World, He discovers new places, and animals, his journey was not a planned journey but one that was thrust upon him. He was thrown over the basket ball court fence and found himself rolling down a hill into a river, where he ends up floating out to sea.

PK (short for penalty kick) this football is always finding himself in some kind of trouble, getting lost or needing to be pumped up with air. He dislikes being carried or thrown, he is very proud to be a football, and dreams of playing in the world Cup. In his book The Brazil Goal, he is discovered as a favorite for the world cup, his journey begins in a small town called Kisumu, Nairobi, africa.

Scrappy, is a huge tough ball, he loves rough and tough games, he really dose not mind being kicked or thrown, and loves to be the center of attention. In his book "When The Tough Get Going" he explains what its like to win and how important it is to share, so other players can enjoy the felling of winning.


The Beach Volley Ball expert, loves the Sun, Sand and Surf. A real beach ball. Spinner is exactly what he's called always spinning and this makes it hard for the players. because no matter what they do he always spins. In his book "Spinning Success' he is given the opportunity to play in an international beach volley ball competition. Both teams have to cope with his spinning and it creates a lot of excitment for the fans, as they watch some amazing aerial feats performed by this colorful ball.

The Baseball hero, In his book "Dodge The Bat" he demonstrates his powers over the baseball bat, his ability to cut through the air and dodge the bat is impressive and every team wants him, he is discovered at a small high school in Texas and reaches stardom at a famous baseball stadium.

He is the hard reddish,purplish green eyed Cricket playing addict. He loves all things Cricket. dislikes being kicked, and loves the speed of being thrown. In his book "Give India Curry" he proves his British herititage as Royal trophy. He is flow to India where he is lost and found again, through his journey to be found he discovers great things about India's Orphans and from this he is able to bring joy and hope to a very special orphanage in Mumbi.
Serve, is in love with the tennis court white line, its a strange thing, but he really likes to sit on the edge of the line, the problem is that he always sits on the side of the line that is out, meaning as a tennis ball he is never going to be on the correct side of the line for the players. In his book "Love On The Line" we can read about what happens to Serve and how he ends up on a Princess's tennis court in England.
King Ping

The smallest of all the sports balls, and his issue in life is that he dislikes having his head pushed and dented, but he loves sitting on the net, this causes him troubles when playing table tennis. In his book " Show Me The Net" he is discovered by a professional player and brings new challenges to the game, King Ping actually creates a new way of playing table tennis.

The heaviest of all the sports balls, he was actually found in space, he was used as a bowling ball for some robots on the moon and was left behind during a deep space adventure.

In his book "Rolling Home" Clonk is always getting in trouble all because he is a very hard and heavy ball, he can roll through brick wall, when he is used in a ten pin bowling competition he is discovered by scientists who then try to get a piece from him but cannot because nothing on earth can cut him. His journey shows us how he gets rescued by a robot who comes to earth to find him and take him home.
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