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Dripster is the paintball who loves to splat paint everywhere. Using his paintball gun.
Welcome to Sporties®

Sporties are a team of sports balls, who have united to ensure that all children of the world can read about sports ball adventures. Sporties were created by Ps Rowland P Jones Dip Min, the arrangement of stories have been created for children of all ages including Mums, Dads, Grandparents, and Teachers.

Sporties have 10 characters, covering the sports ball games, such as:

Basket Ball, Volleyball, Rugby/Gridiron, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and Ping Pong.

Sporties have their own team story book called "Sports ball World Summit" and each character have their own personal story book also. to find out more click on the about sporties page.
Painterly takes her painting more seriously than Dripster, she tries to keep to the realism, however Dripster always interrupts having fun.